Thursday 31 January 2013

Training through Art

Asian Education is often seen as being straight laced, conservative and all
too traditional. Well may be this is a stereotype that is changing.  With the Malaysian government encouraging more creativity in the curriculum to try to emphasise Critical Thinking in local schools we were delighted to host these enthusiastic English teacher trainers (ELTC) at The Studio @ KL.

The day included how to get students to think outside the box and get them to challenge pre- conceived ideas.  Nothing works better than applying theory to practice so each of the team were given something to paint eg house, tree or boy. Sounds simple? But not if you haven’t painted in 15 years – getting out of your own comfort zone as we try to get our students to do can be quite a revelation.

The trainers soon realised they can paint and started to push those boundaries and making creative choices – paint a clich├ęd serene, green tree on a sunny day? No thanks – lets be original and focused – paint instead the intricacies of a tree under the earth with its unseen network of roots. 

Sounds fun? Sure – but its not just about fun.  Getting our leading teachers to experience what we want our students to do can be edifying for all.  Challenge the norm, seek original perspectives and apply them to the real world will help our kids mature and our country grow.

Art – more than meets the eye ;)

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Thursday 29 December 2011

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